Upcycled Face Coverings

I have been making reusable fabric face coverings for a couple of months, and on 14th July 2020 the government announced that they will become mandatory to wear in shops in England from Friday 24th July 2020.

How are they upcycled?

They are made from two layers of cotton (upcycled from donated and washed cotton or polycotton textiles, mostly bedding - loads of fabric!) and instead of buying new elastic I am cutting up unwanted pairs of black tights to make the stretchy loops to hold the face covering in place behind the ears, again washed.

In the race to purchase disposable PPE throughout this pandemic, I feel that the fight against single use plastic is struggling. With the call for face coverings to be mandatory, I hope that everyone can made their own reusable fabric face coverings or buy from a local maker to support a local business.

Upcycle Fashion face coverings are:


♻️Made from upcycled materials

♻️Made in Huddersfield

♻️Wash at 60 degrees

♻️Adult and children's sizes available

♻️£3 each

♻️£1.50 1st class p&p to UK

Email julia@upcycle-fashion.co.uk for the currently available fabric choices. There are limited runs of each fabric as it is made from donated bedding so when it is gone, it's gone! I like this way of dictating new collections of products. Not assigned by trend forecasters, or a pre-determined date, new choices are only brought in when all of the current ones have sold - however long that takes.

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