Swap Shop Sew 

I organise this sustainable fashion event in the Holme Valley in Kirklees in collaboration with another great local business fairandfunky. Swap Shop Sew brings together 3 important actions that everyone can take to reduce the environmental impact of their wardrobe: Clothes swapping, shopping from local makers & repairing garments. #swapshopsew

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Woven in Kirklees

Upcycle Fashion was thrilled to be involved with this inaugral festival - celebrating innovation in textiles across Kirklees - in June 2019.  Running 5 workshops across 4 sites throughout the week was a brilliant opportunity work in my local community to engage residents with sustainable fashion.

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Swish and Style

For the third year running, Upcycle Fashion ran the community textile upcycling workshops alongside 7 free community clothes swapping events, in 7 different North London boroughs. These fun and free events were organised by Keep Britain Tidy and funded by the North London Waste Authority to promote the ways in which clothing can be re-used and prevent textile waste.