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Julia Roebuck. Founder, Upcycle Fashion 

I established Upcycle Fashion in 2010 whilst studying for the world's first Masters' Degree in Fashion and the Environment at the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London.

I deliver workshops for schools, colleges, Universities, businesses and community groups and speak at public and private events to promote responsible production and use of clothing. I work to raise awareness of environmental damage caused throughout the garment supply chain and teach practical sewing skills to address the culture of disposable fast fashion and the benefits of moving towards a circular economy. 

Through Upcycle Fashion I work as a freelance sustainable fashion consultant and upcycle designer, creating new garments and accessories from unwanted textiles to communicate the importance, and joy, of re-use. 


This approach allows me to creatively communicate the value of textiles and the potential for reuse, reshaping and repurposing. Encouraging people to see that their clothes have more than one use, shape or style is essential to increase active use and reduce textile waste. 


Contact me to make a booking or discuss collaboration.

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